11th Mostra 3M brings discussions about the history of Brazil to Ibirapuera Park

The edition explores the landscape of the park with five new large-scale works

Augusto Leal na Mostra 3M
The game! (2022) by Augusto Leal at Mostra 3M. Photo: Karina Bacci

Between the 25th of June and the 24th of July this year, visitors to the Ibirapuera Park will be able to attend the 11th edition of 3M Art Show. With free admission and outdoor exhibition, the exhibition has the title Color, Warmth, Value, to reflect on the body, emotion and memory of ancestral communities through the eyes of four guest artists and two selected via public notice.

curated by Camilla Rocha Campos, artist, writer, co-director of the 0101 Art Platform Institute, and João Simões, assistant curator of this edition and also a member of the 0101 Art Platform, the exhibition proposes a conversation about history and power structures. According to the organization of the event, COR, triggers the dimension of the visible, is a marker of places, bodies and objects. HEAT activates the entire dimension of the sensitive, the invisible that arrives as a sensation, even before rationality or materiality. And VALUE triggers the qualities, effects and estimation of what we understand as important to us.

“The artists bring social positioning, placing in visual poetry daily responsibilities of claiming ethical values, collective memory and the right to compose the present”, points out Camilla.

conjuring (2022) by Denise Ferreira da Silva and Arjuna Neuman at Mostra 3M. Photo: Karina Bacci

Among the four guests for this year, the duo Denise Ferreira da Silva and Arjuna Neuman presents conjuring, a facility located on the shores of the park's lake. It is an overturned vessel with a sail of more than 25 m², which clashes with the local landscape, directly linked to the Monument to the Flags, by Victor Brecheret. In collaboration with the collectives Periferia Segue Sangrando, from São Paulo, and Mulheres de Pedra, from Rio de Janeiro, the work is a form of collective confrontation with the history of Brazil. 

Another guest is Rincon Sapiência who brings Ori, Defenses & Swords, his first creation in sculpture. Mounted near the Planetarium, it consists of a pyramid with three masked faces, – destroyer, creator and preserver –, as a strong symbol of historical representation, with Saint George’s sword at the top, meaning the protection of the mind and connection with spirituality . “The expectation is to provoke a dialogue with the public about the importance of mental health care, always aiming at people's aggrandizement and reaction from an adverse situation. I want to bring the same sensation that I usually feel with music through plastic art”, comments Rincon. 

Maria Thereza Alves reconnects us with the vegetation of Ibirapuera with Guarani nomenclature plaques, signaling species that even before the arrival of the Portuguese were already widely known in the territory that we now call Brazil. Entitled When Here Was Here, The work approaches reminds us that these plants bear the names of European scientists as a tribute, but grow in indigenous territories, neglected by society. 

As you pass through Praça da Paz, you will come across 13 community flags LGBTQIA+ arranged DUDX, artist selected by public notice. The artist's intervention marks the place as a space for welcoming and debating gender identity and free sexuality. “My participation in the Mostra is an attempt to open space for us to talk about these subjects in a space as conservative as Ibirapuera”, comments DUDX.

Also chosen via public notice, Augusto Leal, seeks to collaborate with debates on the forms of operation of racism in Brazil, through playfulness and play. The installation of 24 goal posts called The game! refers to football as a symbol of a country modeled on the myth of meritocracy as a justification for violence against black bodies.

Augusto Leal
Augusto Leal


11th 3M Art Exhibition: Color, Heat, Value

Location: Ibirapuera Park
Address: Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral – Vila Mariana, São Paulo – SP
Date: From June 25 to July 24, 2022
Opening hours: Every day, from 5 am to midnight
Ticket: Free

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